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The EURATOM project SUMO met in Paris in April and divided work packages among members. The French design out of CNRS, Grenoble - called TMSR for short - is the basis of SUMO. The studies are paperwork and no experimenting.




Our evaluation of SUMO

We have some fundamental questions to the SUMO design as it's currently presented.


- What about neutron losses to top and bottom ?

- What's the material of the blanket piping ?

- Do PuF3 and other TRU concentrations stay provenly within solubility limits ?

- Is FLiBe or only LiF the chosen core liquid ?

- Is the material flow dependant on Protactinium processing ?

- Is the Bismuth reduction processing scheme too advanced for normal power station operation ?

- Are there areas of stagnant/turbulent/laminar flows ?









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