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The big picture

Energy and climate are global issues.

The northern hemisphere and the Arctic were warming until 1998 as Antarctica experienced cooling.

Since then the pattern has reversed.

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Thorium in Norway


Norway has vast and easily recoverable thorium deposits.

The Norwegian Government is expected to sponsor pilot

thorium reactor technologies in 2010.

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White paper links

U233 selfprotection

Kirk Sorensen

MSR tutorial - Charles Forsberg

MSR benign properties - Kazuo Furukawa

Industry's evaluation of thorium in existing uranium water reactors - AREVA              

Industry's evaluation of the waste issue - AREVA                                                                                                 

Health risks from depleted uranium                                                                                                                                                             

Critic of accelerator systems - Harvard University 

Critic of accelerator fuel cycle - Sellafield                                                             





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