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Best energy machine ever built, tested and operated !


Molten Salt Reactor MSR

The MSR was meticulously developed, documented and operated at Oak Ridge National Labs, Tennessee, during the cold war period.

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Sustainable Thorium Th

Thorium is a nuclear material like uranium. The fuel for an MSR is liquid thorium fluoride. This fuel does not need to be enriched, nor designed into solid rods nor individually reprocessed. Read more

Safe and green

By design and by fundamental physics, the MSR is intrinsically safe in operation from severe criticality accidents. The fissile isotope in the thorium fuel cycle, uranium233, is not accessible nor suitable for military purposes. Read more



The Th MSR is far ahead of other energy sources and the current nuclear industry. Read more 


Mission Statement

Thorium ElectroNuclear aims to commercialize and license turn-key Thorium Molten Salt Reactor assemblies.

Abundant energy @ 0.004€ /kWh Investment prospect depends on regulatory issues TBD. Please contact us.



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